“Monster on a Plane” by Ezra Tsegaye

“Monster on a Plane” (Comedy /Horror) 89 minutes

Professor Singh embarks on a journey to bring a mysterious creature from a distant land to Germany. However, when unexpected turbulence strikes the airplane, the beast awakens and starts attacking passengers. Stewardess Nathalie and teacher Ben team up to regain control amidst the chaos. But as they also uncover a ruthless murderer among the passengers, things quickly spiral out of control.

Natalie: Eva Habermann, Ben: Robin Czerny, Captain Pillow: Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Professor Singh: Dieter Landuris, Helmut: Fred Aaron Blake, Sky Marshall: Anthony Straeger, Nico Torrez: Nicolás Artajo, Steward Thomas: Steven Preisner, Melanie: Isabel Dornheim, Micaela: Micaela Schäfer

Regie: Ezra Tsagaye

Kamera: Ezra Tsygaye ,Kristina Schippling

Riot City Entertainment in association with Cornelsen Films.

World Premier at the Brussel International Fantastic Film Festival, on  April 19th as Midnight Movie.

International Sales: Minerva Picrure (IT)