„Aphasia“ by Dominik Balkow

Cosmo, a reticent photographer, receives a surprise telephone call from his twin sister, the emotionally withdrawn sex therapist Carmen, with whom he hasn’t spoken to in years: she needs his help on their old family home. It’s there that Carmen wants to try to solve the mystery of her long-missing father in the hopes that it will finally bring closure for the both of them. Cosmo, however, brings his new girlfriend, the interpreter Marie, along unannounced and doesn’t want to face the traumas of his past. After Carmen secretly observes the couple during a failed attempt at sex, she suggests a fateful deal.

Cast: Hannah Prasse, Sandra Tirre, André Lewski, Heiko Pink

Dirctor: Dominik Balkow

Producer: Christopher Cornelsen

Co- Producer: Dominik Balkow